Corsair Lapdog - Gaming without a Desk

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Tuesday , June 28, 2016

Corsair recently launched its new Lapdog product and to put it simply it let's you game without a desktop. Its focus is "living room gaming" with the new Corsair Bulldog living room gaming system. While this out of our usual scope, and there are not data points to be collected, we like using it.

Corsair Lapdog

Corsair has been expanding its reach into the desktop PC gaming ecosystem for quite a while now. The Corsair Lapdog is a further extension into that ecosystem. It is billed as a tool for "living room gaming," but we found out that we may like it a few other places as well.



All your gaming gear connected right where you are. Everything you need in a perfectly balanced, ergonomic gaming setup. Precise keyboard control. Generous mouse pad area. No compromises.

The idea behind the Lapdog is simple and has been tackled a few times by other companies. The fact of the matter is that most of us do not have a desk in our living rooms and many more of us are using our TVs to game on. Where do you put the mouse and the keyboard, and how do you support those for a healthy deathmatch?

The Lapdog is a structure designed to hold your keyboard, mouse, all the cables, while keeping the cords tidy, all on your lap while being comfortable to use. The keyboard is recessed into the Lapdog and has an aluminum framework that locks the keyboard securely into place. The 11" x 11" mousepad is also securely fastened to the Lapdog as well. There is a covered tray on the top edge of the Lapdog that holds the cables for the keyboard and mouse and keep those tucked away solidly as well. The keyboard and mouse cables then plug into a "breakout" box that is positioned under the mousepad. The breakout box has a very long ~20 foot cable to reach from your Lapdog to your living room PC.

The Lapdog has a memory foam pad that affixes to the keyboard tray with magnets and it works very well. You have to get pretty rough with the Lapdog to dislodge it from the padding. The padding is also angled with a V that keeps it positioned in the middle of your lap well. The pad also contains the allen key tool for assembling or disassembling the Lapdog.

The Lapdog's breakout box also plugs into a 12v power supply and has four USB 3.0 port that are BC1.2 compliant on the front of the Lapdog that allows you connectivity or if you want to charge a device up to 1.5 amps.

The overall build quality of the Lapdog is extremely solid and well done. Once the keyboard and cables are all in place it makes for an extremely solid feel. It does not feel cheap in any way.

Cost and Packages

The Lapdog comes in a couple different bundle packages, as well as a barebones package as well. The barebones Lapdog will cost you $120. The Lapdog with the Corsair Gaming K65 RGB Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Cherry MX Red) is $250. You can also get it with the K70 keyboard as well, but it is currently out of stock.

Using the Lapdog

We have used the Lapdog in several different ways. We have used it for gaming in front of the TV on the couch as well as in the bedroom and in our office in front of the gaming PCs that we have set up there.

First and foremost, the Lapdog is for gaming. That said it is not good for computing. The offset of the keyboard to the side makes a lot of typing awkward at best and uncomfortable at worst. So if you are looking for supporting a desktop computing experience, the Lapdog is likely not a good choice.

Gaming on the Lapdog proved to be a very good experience in the living room, the bedroom, and in front of the PC. The positioning of the keyboard and mouse are comfortable and intuitive. I will point out that the top edges around the aluminum shrouds on the Lapdog are sharp. This however never once impacted my comfort or abraded my wrists. However those edges did get the best of my brand new Corsair Saber RGB mouse's cord.

The mousepad on the Lapdog is excellent, and that leads to the mouse being very easily able to slide off the mouse surface if you are not holding it, maybe during those quick typing sessions. You can see from the picture above what the sharp edge on the aluminum did to the mouse cord....after only this happening two times. I can see it eating through your mouse cord after a few weeks easily. This is simply a design flaw that needs to be addressed because the fact of the matter is that you are going to drop your mouse off the Lapdog from time to time.

I have used the Lapdog as well as both of my kids, which are both heavy online FPS players. All three of us like the Lapdog for "living room" gaming. My son has grown to use it in place of his desk in the office. He would rather use the Lapdog than his desktop for gaming at the PC. He likes the positioning of his hands a bit lower and has told me it makes him a better gamer. My daughter and I prefer using our "normal" desktop for PC gaming. My son has however removed the arms from his deskchair as those were getting in the way.

The Bottom Line

The Corsair Lapdog is certainly going to hold value for a certain group of gamers, mainly those that want a better experience in the living room. Even a few PC gamers might find value as well as my son did. There are a couple of design issues that need to be addressed, especially in terms of how it damaged my mouse cord. The other elephant in the room is the cost at $120, but I can fully see where some would consider this a good value. Whether or not non-Corsair keyboards would fit the unit is a concern as well.

The overall design and feel of the Lapdog are excellent. If you feel as though you have an affinity for living room gaming and have not given a Lapdog a try yet, I can certainly suggest you do so. If you happen to already have a Corsair keyboard, that happens to make the buying decision that much easier. The fact of the matter is that our review Lapdog is going to be used around the house and the office for quite a while.

Corsair Lapdog