EVGA 430W Power Supply Review

Author:Paul Johnson

Editor:Kyle Bennett

Date: Thursday , February 19, 2015

EVGA has been hit and miss when it comes to PSUs. While it has produced some stinkers in the past, we have recently seen at least one excellent quality product from EVGA. So when we saw its 430W unit billed as having "UNBEATABLE VALUE" and is rated at 40C for full power operation, we knew we had to buy it.


As a company, EVGA was founded in 1999, and is well known in the DIY computer industry for its high performance video cards, motherboards, and other computer components. Recently, EVGA has expanded its product offerings to include power supplies which of course draws our interest to it today. Currently, EVGA has a few lines of power supplies with the majority being some variation on the SuperNOVA name and variously branded "SuperNOVA" or "SUPERNOVA."

However, today’s EVGA 430W Power Supply (100-W1-0430-KR) is not labeled as part of the SuperNOVA lines and it is the smallest capacity power supply that EVGA offers in conjunction with HEC.

HEC Group (Heirochi Electric Corporation) AKA Compucase Enterprise CO LTD is one of the oldest companies in the consumer SMPS business having been founded in 1979. By 1989 HEC had moved into case production, and then in 1997 it began producing SMPS. Today, HEC is one of the largest manufacturers of SMPS and its products can be found under the HEC brand, the CompuCase brand, and the Cougar brand, all of which are retail arms of HEC. In addition to its own brands, HEC has supplied power supplies in the past for Antec, Thermaltake, Xigmatek, and others. Generally, HEC has been known for its entry to mid-level products, but with the launch of some of its newer lines under the Cougar brand, it has moved into the high end enthusiast realm.

How Low Can You Go and Still Get A Quality Entry Level PSU?

Today’s EVGA 430W is the fifth power supply we have reviewed from EVGA. While previously the 500B was the smallest capacity power supply that EVGA offered, today's EVGA 430W is smaller than that unit. As the EVGA 430W is also related to the 500B, we already have some idea of what to expect from this unit. As before with the EVGA 500B, this will require us to readjust our expectations a bit since this unit is a very entry level product which is a category literally defined by compromises and this has been a brutal category of late. That said, we won't change our requirements (based on ATX12V specifications) for this unit to pass our testing today. So, before moving on, what does EVGA have to say about this product?

When building on a budget, the EVGA 430W 80 PLUS is a great choice at a low cost. Supporting 34A on a single +12V rail provides more options without having to reduce your component requirements. Save space with the 430W's compact design, well-placed power switch and fully sleeved cables. The 430W offers the connections and protections needed for basic system builds. With a standard 3 year warranty and ultra quiet fan design the 430W will be a great asset for your next build on a budget.

With little there of real substance, let’s move on and see what we can expect when a user purchases the EVGA 430W in retail in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.