Audio-Technica ATH-M50S Studio Headphones Review

Author:Earl Keim

Editor:Kyle Bennett

Date: Thursday , July 26, 2012

A-T's M50S studio heapdhones are designed to reproduce the aspects of their source audio with extreme accuracy. We will tell you how this product's sound signature affects your PC audio experience when paired with a dedicated sound card.


For over fifty years, Audio-Technica has been designing and manufacturing audio products for broadcast and recording professionals and home enthusiasts. With its unique fit and vivid sound signatures, the company's audiophile-class headphones are extremely popular with music and movie enthusiasts and competitive gamers in the PC community.

With more PC game titles relying on in-game engines for audio processing duties, some might like to know if A-T's studio quality headphones would provide the best sound signature that would allow them to hear what the game developers intended. Today, we take Audio-Technica's M50S headphone for a spin to give you our verdict in the matter and we will test movies and music as well.


When you shop for the ATH-M50 headphones either online or in a retail store, you may have to look closely to determine which of the four possible versions of the product you may have found. We received the ATH-M50S headphones for review. Amazon sells the headphones for $121.13 with free ground or Prime shipping. These are the "straight cable" version of the product.

The ATH-M50 have an identical build and appearance in comparison to the M50S headphones, except these have a coiled audio cable. Some people prefer the coiled cable as its shorter length does not get caught underfoot as easily as that of the straight cable version. Amazon sells the ATH-M50 headphones for $134.38 with free ground or Prime shipping.

The ATH-M50WH headphones are the all-white version of the product. Amazon sells these for $153.97.00 with free ground or Prime shipping.

Lastly, the ATH-M50s/LE are the grey and blue limited edition version of the headphones. Amazon sells these for $149.99 with free ground or Prime shipping.


The ATH-M50S headphones have very simple retail packaging.

The product box is white with light blue and grey lettering. See-through windows on the front and side panels give you your first glimpse of the headphones' styling and design. Technical specifications are printed in four languages on the box's back panel. A molded plastic frame secures the headphones inside the box while a pleather carrying pouch and warranty leaflet are tucked beneath.


All four variants of the ATH-M50 headphones carry a two year manufacturer's warranty.