Thermaltake Chaser MK-I Computer Case Review

Author:HardOCP News

Editor:Kyle Bennett

Date: Monday , June 18, 2012

Thermaltake is not chasing its tail when it comes to custom computer cases now days. Its new Chaser MK-I boasts a huge feature list that is catering exactly to the hardware enthusiast that wants more. Rolled edges, smooth working drive trays, great cable routing options, and it even keeps the DIY water cooling crowd in focus.


Thermaltake is a company that needs no introductions. To be honest, the reason most of us know the name is because you've probably, at some point in the past decade, had one (or more) of its products installed your system. In the early days, the Thermaltake brand was synonymous with performance cooling but, over the last few years, it is hard to find a segment of the industry the company hasn't expanded into.

We have featured numerous product from Thermaltake in our product reviews over the years, everything from the company's cooling products and award winning power supplies to audio components and its uniquely distinctive computer cases.

While still a relatively young company, established in 1999, Thermaltake is built on unwavering will and dedication to address issues and innovate at the same time for computer enthusiasts and corporate users worldwide.

With its comprehensive line of products available, it enables Thermaltake's core customers to enjoy a one-stop-shop experience, reduce product design-in evaluation period and most important of all, flawless integration process. Each of Thermaltake's strengths enables its customer to focus on its core business while taking advantage of the skills and efficiency of a single thermal management solution partner.

With strong support of Research & Development team standing behind the brand, Thermaltake is committed to never-follow but always-lead.

Always striving to be the best, we continuously benchmark our performance against the very best internally and externally.

Customers are our greatest asset and Thermaltake does not take that for granted. That is why Thermaltake is the industry leading in customer service and customer support with around-the-clock automated product return service.

Today our test subject is the Thermaltake Chaser MK-I, a full-tower case with a unique design and a very distinctive look. The company website says the Chaser MK-I is "suitable for gaming, enthusiast, DIY and modding," let's see if that is indeed the case. Let's get started, shall we?

Product Packaging

Thermaltake Chaser MK-I chassis was shipped to us in its bare product packaging and, at first glance the box appeared to be free of structural damage, we did find evidence of a liquid spill on the outside of the box. The box itself is constructed of double-walled corrugated cardboard with a row of dual staples along the seams. The overall measurements are 26"H x 24"L x 12.5"W.

The outside of the box prominently features a hero shot of the case on the front, with product information and feature list on the back. The case itself is wrapped in a plastic bag and held in place by thick Styrofoam inserts.

NOTE: While shipping a case in its product packaging is done primarily to cut down on costs, we have stated repeatedly that we are not fans of the practice because of damage that can occur during shipping. Thermaltake is not the only company to do this, it is practically an industry standard now to ship cases this way. In our opinion, we think that a few extra dollars for an added layer of protection could cut down on shipping related damages and claims.

As previously mentioned, the Thermaltake Chaser MK-I was part of a two case shipment and both of the cases looked as though coffee or soda had been spilled all over these at some point during transit. The fluid had leaked all the way through the outside of the box and onto the plastic bag covering the case.