Seasonic SS-350TGM Power Supply Review

Author:Paul Johnson

Editor:Kyle Bennett

Date: Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Today we tackle something a bit off the beaten path for us; a low power non-ATX specification power supply from Seasonic. We do know that many of our readers build systems that are not like all the others especially when it comes to crafting smaller purpose driven boxes. The 300TGM may be just what you are looking for.


In the power supply realm when consumers think of quiet and efficient power supplies one of the first company that comes to mind is Seasonic. Today we have our ninth crack at a Seasonic branded unit. This review covers a completely different product and market segment than what we usually look at. Today, we are looking at a TFX form factor power supply from Seasonic; the SS-350TGM.

Seasonic is one of the older companies producing consumer power supplies having been founded in 1975 and entering the PC power supply production market in 1980. During that more than 30 years as a company Seasonic has cultivated lines of power supplies that are today some of the standard bearers for efficiency and quiet computing. This focus, and its reputation for quality, has lead to a real explosion in production as Seasonic can be found providing OEM services on various model lines for Antec, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, and of course under its own Seasonic brand.

Today’s Seasonic SS-350TGM is the first TFX form factor power supply we have reviewed. In addition to that, the SS-350TGM, with its 350W capacity, is also the smallest capacity power supply we have reviewed to date. Given those two peculiarities, we are going to have quite a unique review on our hands today with little to be able to compare this unit to from previous reviews. However, we have yet to see a truly "bad" product from Seasonic, so hopefully that trend will continue in this much more constrained form factor. Before moving on, what does Seasonic have to say about this unit?

آ• Support the latest Intel & AMD Socket

آ• DC to DC converter design

آ• High efficiency and reliability

آ• Low ripple & noise

آ• Super low noise fan control

آ• Short circuit protection on all outputs

آ• Over voltage protection

آ• Over power protection

آ• 100% hi-pot test

آ• 100% burn in, high temperature cycled on/off

Given that this is going to mostly be an OEM product, and the accompanying webpage and documentation only has a list of features, let's move on to see what we have to look forward to receiving when we purchase the SS-350TGM in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.