Corsair SP2200 2.1 Speaker System Review

Author:Earl Keim

Editor:Kyle Bennett

Date: Friday , June 03, 2011

Corsair's new line of audio products have quickly made the company a worthy brand choice for consumers and a strong competitor for its rivals in the PC audio market. Can the company's first budget entry continue the trend?


Although Corsair is known to many PC enthusiasts for the quality of its PC memory, cases, and power supplies, the company has gained a lot of attention in the last eight months for its new line of PC audio products.

Five months ago, Corsair debuted its first set of 2.1 speakers, the SP2500. That speaker set received our Editor's Choice gold award for its distinctive features and excellent sound playback capability in movies, music, and games.

Although we enjoyed the control pod's versatility and features, the subwoofer's power, and the speakers' excellent, room-filling sound, the SP2500 carries a premium price that exceeds many of our readers' budgets. Corsair understands that its products attract consumers with varying incomes, so it has tiered pricing and performance levels for all of its product lines.

Today, we will examine the Corsair SP2200 2.1 speaker system; this is the company's first speaker offering in the sub-$100 price range. With its lower price comes a smaller desktop footprint. We will tell you how this compact system performs in games, movies, and music. If you are a gamer with a tight budget and limited space, you will surely want to know the answer.

Product Pricing and Packaging currently sells the SP2200 speakers for $89.99 with free super saver shipping. offers the SP2200 for $94.99 and free ground shipping.

If you wanted to go to a store near your home and buy these speakers today, you may have some difficulty. Best Buy does not carry the SP2200 speakers on its website or in its retail stores. Walmart offers the speakers for $102.50 with free store pickup, and you have to pay local sales tax as well.

The differences in price among these online retailers show that it is important to shop around if you are interested in this product. The money you save could be used for additional memory or other accessories in a system upgrade or a new build.

As it has done with its previous audio products, Corsair has given the SP2200 speakers' packaging a blue, black, and white-themed appearance. The back of the box has pertinent specifications and features in three languages.

When we reviewed the SP2500 speakers last January, we discovered that the product box and its contents were absolutely huge in comparison to many other 2.1 sets. The SP2200 speakers and their packaging are nearly one-third the size, so we can already tell you that this set should occupy substantially less desktop space.

The subwoofer is wrapped in plastic and protected on the top and bottom by two shallow, molded cartons. Both speakers are individually wrapped in plastic as well and are isolated with double layers of cardboard to prevent scratches and damage during shipping. All of the necessary audio and power cables were individually wrapped and packaged together in a separate box below the speakers. Corsair also includes a quick setup guide, safety manual, warranty statement, and technical support contact information.

The SP2200 speakers carry a two year limited warranty. Klipsch is a very popular brand in the PC audio world, but it only offers a one year warranty for its popular ProMedia 2.1 speakers.