ARCTIC Headsets and Headphones Review

Author:Earl Keim

Editor:Kyle Bennett

Date: Monday , May 09, 2011

ARCTIC is well known for its processor air coolers and its fans alike. In the last couple of years it has greatly diversified its product line to include products from remote control toy cars to computer audio headphones. Today we look at three of its headphone and headset products and let you know the value of those.


If you have ever purchased and used a Freezer Pro CPU cooler or an Accelero Pro GPU cooler, then you already know ARCTIC COOLING and some of its many products.

ARCTIC COOLING's previous offerings are well-known and respected not only for keeping PCs and their components cool, but also quiet.

Throughout its ten year history, this global company has continued to improve and expand its product line in order to broaden its brand appeal to PC enthusiasts everywhere. The company is now simply "ARCTIC," and its product lineup has expanded to include audio products as well. Here is what ARCTIC says about itself.

As an internationally active company, ARCTIC’s expertise ranges from noise suppression for PCs, audio, peripheral equipment and power supplies, right through to entertainment products. ARCTIC is the umbrella brand for the COOLING, SOUND, EQUIPMENT, POWER and HOBBY product ranges.

Arctic currently offers twenty separate audio products, and it has sent three of those for us to review. We will do so in the scope of desktop PC gaming, music listening, and movie watching.

We received a Bluetooth-capable wireless headset, a 5.1 USB gaming headset, and a set of "professional" DJ headphones. Only one of the three products that Arctic sent us is marketed specifically for PC gaming.


Arctic offers the P281 DJ Headphones at its own website for $26.46 and $14.70 for ground shipping. We found these at for $22.99 with $6.44 for ground shipping.

Arctic sells the P311 Bluetooth headset for $39.75 with $13.56 for ground shipping. Amazon's price for the product is substantially less at $26.99 with $6.58 for standard shipping.

Lastly, we found Arctic's P531 5.1 gaming headset at Amazon for $52.99 and free shipping. Not surprisingly Arctic sells its own headset for $79.99 and $14.84 for ground shipping. All shipping costs were calculated with our offices in Texas in mind.

(In the past, with our Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 and ATH-A700 headphone reviews, we learned that those products' design and function translated very well for PC usage. We will let you know how each of Arctic's sound products performed during our testing.)

Arctic sells and ships its products in the U.S. from City of Industry, California. Coincidentally, this is the same city where sells and ships from. The 30% difference in price plus shipping, between the product manufacturer and one of its resellers, should definitely show you that it is obviously best to shop around for third party resellers if you are interested in purchasing these or any other products.


Each of Arctic's sound products is packaged very similarly to the others in a square silver box with black and white text. The products and all of their accessories can be viewed through plastic windows on the boxes' front panels. The backs and side panels contain product photos, specifications, and features in six languages. Manuals and documentation in several other languages are available on the company's website.

Each of the respective products is protected in its packaging behind a molded plastic front cover. There are numerous long twist ties keeping portions of the products tightly bound to securing cardboard inside.

The 5.1 USB gaming headset has a driver CD and printed quick start guide included. The Bluetooth headset has a booklet with setup instructions for use with many popular cell phone models and Bluetooth capable devices in general.

All of the above products have a two year limited warranty. Many headsets and headphones only have a one year warranty, so we are very glad to see that Arctic gives its customers another year of service and replacement protection.