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NZXT Phantom 530 Full-Tower Case Review
We review NZXT's new Phantom 530 redesigned with up-to-date features. NZXT has put a lot of thought and design into this new chassis including, more adaptable cable management, support for AIO water coolers, a large 200mm fan, along with a 30 watt fan controller, and an LED lit IO area, which always comes in handy.
NZXT Phantom 630 Modular Full Tower Case
NZXT's new enthusiast computer case, the Phantom 630, looks to be truly designed for the computer hardware enthusiast and does not just carry the label like so many other products. NZXT has built the chassis with the end user in mind that wants to take things up a notch and not be annoyed when trying to accomplish his build goals.
NZXT Phantom 820 Full-Tower Case Review
The NZXT Phantom 820 Full-Tower case is chock full of enthusiast features; multiple fan placements with consideration for chassis airflow, designed for custom water cooling as well as fully contained water cooling solutions, rear panel I/O lighting, room for plenty of wiring, a sleek window, all literally on a pedestal.
Hypersonic Phantom GX
Premium integrator Hypersonic is back with a SFF built for gaming power. In previous evaluations, the company has had some issues with tech support and providing a good ownership experience for the money. Does it get it right this time?
Vs. Infinium Labs – Jurisdiction
KB Networks has spent approximately $150,000 on litigation fighting over jurisdiction. On the very deadline to produce Court Ordered documents, Infinium Labs waived previously asserted objections to jurisdiction in hopes of avoiding production of the documents. Our attorneys believe Infinium Labs never had any basis for alleging they were not subject to jurisdiction in Texas, that KB Networks is entitled to the documents, and that the subject documents will likely include evidence of investor fraud, SEC violations, and that Timothy Roberts is the alter ego of Infinium Labs.
Inside the Infinium Labs Phantom Console
A photo-essay giving a look inside an Infinium Labs Gen 1 Phantom Console. We pull back the curtain and show you what Infinium Labs never would.
Infinium Labs Vs. HardOCP - Round 2
Infinium Labs' lawyers take time to get back to HardOCP on where exactly we are "false and defamatory." Again we find their claims to not be on the mark.
Behind the Infinium Phantom Console
Many of us are well aware of the buzz surrounding the Phantom gaming console and the promises made by the company developing it. We look past the hype and press releases and take an honest look at who's behind the Phantom and the success of their previous ventures.