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Sunday November 19, 2017

iPhone X ‘Hack’ Brings Windows 95 And SimCity 2000 To Apple’s 2017 Flagship

The folks over at Redmond Pie found a cool video on YouTube where an iPhone X is running windows 95 and SimCity 2000. It's pretty cool if you ask me. Check out the video below.
Discussion Posted by Montu 2:10 PM (CST)

Megabots Plans Giant Fighting Robot Tournament In 2018

I4U News reports that Megbots wants to make the giant robot tournament a reality, and the help of fans is once again needed. Megabots launched a new crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter with the goal to raise $950,000. Check out their video.
Discussion Posted by Montu 1:25 PM (CST)

A Decade of Amazon Kindle

Techcrunch has posted a good story about the 10th anniversary of the Kindle. One of the best e-readers of all time in my opinion. Anyway, I used to be a book junky and had them stashed everywhere, but now I just keep my collection on a couple of Kindle's and I'm good to go. Happy anniversary, Kindle!

The decade since the release of the first Kindle has been a turbulent one for publishing. Barnes & Noble - once a large enough threat to local bookstores that it served as the basis of a Meg Ryan rom-com - has shuttered locations at a steady clip. Borders, meanwhile, shut down altogether. And the big publishers have become increasingly consolidated.

Discussion Posted by Montu 12:40 PM (CST)

Mobile Malware Incidents Hit 100% of Businesses

Every business with BYOD and corporate mobile device users across the globe has been exposed to mobile malware, with an average of 54 attempts per company played out within a 12-month period, according to a Check Point report released Friday. The report also notes that 94% of security professionals anticipate actual mobile malware attacks to continue to increase, with nearly 66% doubting they can prevent them. Sounds like we need more cyber security professionals. If you haven't made up you mind what you want to be when you grow up you might want to look into it because hackers gonna hack.

Patrick Hevesi, a Gartner analyst, anticipates a continued rise in mobile malware incidents and breaches. "There are billions of mobile devices for the attackers to try and gain access and some form of monetary gain," he says. "I feel as more and more people continue to make phones and tablets their primary device, the attacks will continue to grow."

Discussion Posted by Montu 11:35 AM (CST)

New Discovery Raises Hope for Human Colonization of the Moon

In October 2017, Japan’s Selenological and Engineering Explorer probe discovered a massive underground cave on the Moon. The space, which is 100 meters (328 feet) wide and 50 kilometers (31 miles) long, is being touted as a potential location for a lunar station. In fact, some experts are asserting that the best way to live on the Moon is in caves just like the one recently discovered. Living underground makes perfect sense because we gain a lot of protection from radiation and micro-meteorites. The moon is the logical starting place for us as we move out into the solar system. Check out this video below.
Discussion Posted by Montu 10:55 AM (CST)

Hollywood Strikes Back Against Illegal Streaming Kodi Add-Ons

An anti-piracy alliance supported by many major US and UK movie studios, broadcasters and content providers has dealt a blow (WARNING auto play video) to the third-party Kodi add-on scene after it successfully forced a number of popular piracy-linked streaming tools offline. In what appears to be a coordinated crackdown, developers including jsergio123 and The_Alpha, who are responsible for the development and hosting of add-ons like urlresolver, metahandler, Bennu, DeathStreams and Sportie, confirmed that they will no longer maintain their Kodi creations and have immediately shut them down. Sounds like the studios are getting serious and they're going to shut down all of the illegal streaming apps given enough time. Without illegal streaming apps is Kodi sustainable?

The action comes after The_Alpha reportedly received a hand delivered letter to their UK home: "This letter is addressed to you by companies of the six-major United States film studios represented by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), namely Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., Disney Enterprises, Inc., Paramount Pictures Corporation, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Universal City Studios LLLP and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Netflix, Inc. and Amazon Studios LLC (represented by MPA via the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE)), Sky UK Limited, and The Football Association Premier League Limited," the opening paragraph reads.

Discussion Posted by Montu 10:18 AM (CST)

Check Out This Xbox One X Tear-Down

The folks over at Gamers Nexus have posted a really nice tear-down of the Xbox One X. After watching it you can see how well the Microsoft engineers designed the chassis and stuffed so much into a small space. Hopefully the cooling is robust enough to prevent heat failures.
Discussion Posted by Montu 9:40 AM (CST)

Giant 'Minecraft' Graphics Upgrade Delayed to 2018

For all of you Minecraft fans out there the Minecraft team has announced a delay in the much anticipated Super Duper Graphics pack till sometime in 2018. I've seen some screenshots of the pack and I have to admit it's a HUGE upgrade in graphics so it makes sense to me why some are going to be disappointed. Anyway, just wait a few more months and it will be here. Don't forget to click the link because there is other news there you might be interested in.

We also want to update you on the Super Duper Graphics pack. While originally set for release this year, there’s a lot of work to be done still and we’re not going to be ready to launch it in 2017. We'll be releasing Super Duper next year, and we'll have more information for you here on soon.

Discussion Posted by Montu 9:02 AM (CST)

Newly Revealed Flaw Could Subject IoT Devices to Airborne Attacks

Billions of voice-activated Internet of Things devices may be subject to external attack due to BlueBorne vulnerabilities, Armis revealed last Wednesday. Hackers could exploit BlueBorne to mount an airborne attack, using Bluetooth to spread malware and access critical data, including sensitive personal information. Sounds like this might be a bad vulnerability that a lot of companies are going to need to fix. At least Google and Amazon have already patched for it.

The BlueBorne vulnerabilities could allow a man-in-the-middle attack, which would enable hackers to access personal data even if users don't visit any malicious sites, download any suspicious file attachments, or take any other direct action to enable it.

Discussion Posted by Montu 8:30 AM (CST)

Specs for Samsung's Potential Optane Killer

Samsung is going to compete with Intel in the Z-Nand market and attempt to take some of the Optane business away from them. This Register article compares the Samsung SZ985 to the Optane P4800X and the results are surprising. Samsung may have a winner here and the rest of us might get cheaper/faster Z-Nand drives as a result. Isn't competition a wonderful thing?

The Samsung drive has a higher random read IOPS rating than the P4800X, but it has an even larger advantage in random write IOPS, which is emphasised in the sequential read/write bandwidth numbers where it is two and a half to three times better.

Discussion Posted by Montu 8:00 AM (CST)
Saturday November 18, 2017

Star Wars Jedi Challenges Hands-on

Disney wants you to be immersed in Star Wars this fall as The Last Jedi film comes out in December. And one of the ways it is doing that is with Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, an augmented reality headset that makes you feel like a Jedi. The reviewer tried it out and really likes it. Check out how goofy he looks in the video below.
Discussion Posted by Montu 3:00 PM (CST)

NVIDIA Shows the Power of VR at Autodesk University 2017

Sean Wagstaff, Technical Marketing Manager at NVIDIA, gives a demonstration of the power of VR for architectural design reviews using Revit at Autodesk University 2017. Once you view the video you'll see how cool this technology really is.
Discussion Posted by Montu 2:00 PM (CST)

YouTube Terminates Exploitive Kids Channel ToyFreaks

Following consumer outrage over YouTube’s handling of disturbing videos aimed at children on its network, the company has now banned one of the more controversial kid channels it hosted, Toy Freaks. The channel, the 68th largest on YouTube with over 8.5 million subscribers, was often criticized for its vile and seemingly exploitive videos featuring a dad and his daughters, which many said bordered on abuse. If all of what YouTube is saying is true then I say good riddance to crap like ToyFreaks. It's just unbelievable what people will do for 'fame'. This follows up an earlier story we posted talking about the change in policy.

Past videos on the channel included the dad filming the girls in obvious distress, screaming or crying, for example. In one video, the dad follows his daughter into the bathroom, as she cries with a mouthful of blood from a tooth falling out. In another, he sneaks into the bathroom and dumps a bucket of frogs in the tub while the girls are bathing in order to scare them.

Discussion Posted by Montu 1:23 PM (CST)

Amazon’s Cashierless Store Is Almost Ready for Prime Time

For the past year, Amazon employees have been test driving Amazon Go, (WARNING auto play video) an experimental convenience store in downtown Seattle. The idea is to let consumers walk in, pick up items and then pay for them without ever standing in line at a cashier. Amazon is vague on the mechanics, but the store relies on a mobile app and some of the same sensing technology that powers self-driving cars to figure out who is buying what. I for one welcome my cashierless overlords and I can't wait to see these stores coming to a town near me. Walk in, pick up, leave. Sounds good to me.

Employees have tried to fool the technology. One day, three enterprising Amazonians donned bright yellow Pikachu costumes and cruised around grabbing sandwiches, drinks and snacks. The algorithms nailed it, according to a person familiar with the situation, correctly identifying the employees and charging their Amazon accounts, even though they were obscured behind yellow polyester.

Discussion Posted by Montu 12:45 PM (CST)

The NASA-SpaceX Partnership Saved NASA Hundreds of Millions

According to a research paper published by NASA's Edgar Zapata, the space agency has actually saved a considerable amount of money and resources by choosing to invest in SpaceX. A commercial partnership is now the best option for space exploration. However,I know some of you (I'm one) out there say Musk is a subsidy baby, but this time we are actually getting something out of subsidizing SpaceX. Check out the reason in the video below.
Discussion Posted by Montu 12:00 PM (CST)

Computer Program Finds New Uses For Old Drugs

Researchers at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have developed a computer program to find new indications for old drugs. The computer program, called DrugPredict, matches existing data about FDA-approved drugs to diseases, and predicts potential drug efficacy. In a recent study published in Oncogene, the researchers successfully translated DrugPredict results into the laboratory, and showed common pain medications -- like aspirin -- can kill patient-derived epithelial ovarian cancer cells. Wow, talk about an excellent use of computer resources to help humanity! The cure for cancer may already be developed and in use out there for something else. We can only hope! Read the paper here. Also, please stop by the Distributed Computing forum and talk to the folks there about using your unused computer cycles to do all sorts of medical research!!

DrugPredict searches databases of FDA-approved drugs, chemicals, and other naturally occurring compounds. It finds compounds with characteristics related to a disease-fighting mechanism. These include observable characteristics -- phenotypes -- and genetic factors that may influence drug efficacy. Researchers can collaborate with Xu to input a disease into DrugPredict and receive an output list of drugs -- or potential drugs -- with molecular features that correlate with strategies to fight the disease.

Discussion Posted by Montu 11:20 AM (CST)

Multiplayer Video Games: Skill at Game and Intelligence Linked

Researchers at the University of York have discovered a link between young people's ability to perform well at two popular video games and high levels of intelligence. The researchers say the correlation between ability at action strategy video games such as League of Legends and Defence of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) and a high IQ is similar to the correlation seen in other more traditional strategy games such as chess. I guess this tells us what we knew all along - cheaters are stupid - true skills show intelligence. Read the paper here.

Corresponding author Professor Alex Wade of the University of York's Department of Psychology and Digital Creativity Labs said: "Games such as League of Legends and DOTA 2 are complex, socially-interactive and intellectually demanding. Our research would suggest that your performance in these games can be a measure of intelligence.

Discussion Posted by Montu 10:35 AM (CST)

Researcher Gets Threats Instead of Bug Bounty

DJI, the Chinese company that manufactures the popular Phantom brand of consumer quadcopter drones, was informed in September that developers had left the private keys for both the "wildcard" certificate for all the company's Web domains and the keys to cloud storage accounts on Amazon Web Services exposed publicly in code posted to GitHub. Using the data, researcher Kevin Finisterre was able to access flight log data and images uploaded by DJI customers, including photos of government IDs, drivers licenses, and passports. Some of the data included flight logs from accounts associated with government and military domains. When he approached the company as part of their bug bounty program he was threatened by DJL lawyers instead of getting the money he should have received for his work. As a result he publicly published his findings. Anyway, it really sounds like DJI isn't a company to be trusted. Thanks, gxp500!

Finisterre found the security error after beginning to probe DJI's systems under DJI's bug bounty program, which was announced in August. But as Finisterre worked to document the bug with the company, he got increasing pushback—including a threat of charges under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

Discussion Posted by Montu 9:39 AM (CST)

Everything You Need to Know About China's Ambitious Space Plans

Over at Wired, they've put together a great story about the future of the Chinese space program and where they want to be by 2030. I believe, just as the author of this story believes, that China is going to be a major power in space in the next decade or so and they will definitely be a tough competitor for space resources or an excellent partner to work with in space. How do you say "One small step for billions of Chinese" in Mandarin?

One of China’s nearest goals is the plan to land a rover on the dark side of the Moon in 2018. China’s Chang’e 4 mission is the next in line after Chang’e 3, which saw the popular Jade Rabbit lunar rover named after the Chinese Moon goddess. The plan is to study the geology of the Moon’s far side.

Discussion Posted by Montu 8:52 AM (CST)

A Global Collaboration to Create "Artificial Organisms" Just Went Live

Mindfire, a new foundation with the goal of "decoding the mind" to help develop true artificial intelligence (AI) launched November 17th in Zurich, Switzerland. According to Futurism, Mindfire is going to bring together some of the best minds in the world and attempt to build a machine with human-level intelligence that is conscious and able to do everything humans are capable of. I'll believe they're on to something when I hear something like, "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that". However, the approach they're taking sounds interesting and maybe it will work.

The next steps for Mindfire will be to prepare for its "Mission-1," which is slated for May of 2018 in Davos, Switzerland. "During this time attending scientists will work together across disciplines to decode the brain and apply that knowledge to the development of Artificial Organisms (AO)," a press release explained.

Discussion Posted by Montu 8:10 AM (CST)
Friday November 17, 2017

XSPC Razer Neo GPU Waterblock on the Test Bench

Just getting to be moving forward with a bit of GPU cooling testing tonight courtesy of the XSPC Razer Neo waterblock on our GTX 1080 Ti. Running a full load at stock clocks our GPU temperature is right around 31C.
Discussion Posted by Kyle 6:52 PM (CST)

Massive US military Social Media Spying Archive Left Wide Open in AWS S3 Buckets

Three misconfigured AWS S3 buckets have been discovered wide open on the public internet containing "dozens of terabytes" of social media posts and similar pages - all scraped from around the world by the US military to identify and profile persons of interest. When it rains it pours on government ineptitude. How the heck do you leave this much data just laying around for anyone to find? Tax dollars at work........

Vickery told The Register today he stumbled upon them by accident while running a scan for the word "COM" in publicly accessible S3 buckets. After refining his search, the CENTCOM archive popped up, and at first he thought it was related to Chinese multinational Tencent, but quickly realized it was a US military archive of astounding size.

Discussion Posted by Montu 3:00 PM (CST)

Germany Bans Children's Smartwatches

A German regulator has banned the sale of smartwatches aimed at children, describing them as spying devices. It had previously banned an internet-connected doll called, My Friend Cayla, for similar reasons. Telecoms regulator the Federal Network Agency urged parents who had such watches to destroy them. All I've got to say about that is.....dilly, dilly. Company's have got to fix their stuff when it comes to child safety.

"Poorly secured smart devices often allow for privacy invasion. That is really concerning when it comes to kids' GPS tracking watches - the very watches that are supposed to help keep them safe," said Ken Munro, a security expert at Pen Test Partners.

Discussion Posted by Montu 2:22 PM (CST)

Research Shows Drones Could Help Crop Management Take Off

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, could help farmers determine if their crop is growing satisfactorily, according to a recent study conducted by University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture researchers. This isn't something that surprises me at all. It makes perfect sense to use cheap drones to study how your fields are doing and use that information to improve yields and make more money.

Of the two camera systems analyzed, the images produced from the multi-spectral camera proved to be more accurate in estimating plant populations, with a greater than 93 percent accuracy. However, researchers say the red, green, blue (RGB) images produced by the less-expensive digital camera still looked promising, with a greater than 85 percent accuracy using current methods and scripted programming.

Discussion Posted by Montu 1:47 PM (CST)

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