Corsair SF450 (2018) 450W SFX Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   February 01, 2019
The Corsair SF450 SFX is, as you might have guessed from the "SFX" part number, a computer PSU built specifically with small form factor systems in mind. Corsair promises high power density along with "low noise," which are two qualities that many SFF builders are likely looking for. It also brings has Platinum level efficiency and is fully modular.
Corsair SF600 (2018) 600W SFX Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   December 07, 2018
Corsair is no stranger to the enthusiast computer power supply market, and most of its PSUs are built for ATX form factor cases. Corsair does however dabble a bit in the SFX end of the spectrum which tries to shoehorn as much power as possible into the smallest space possible. Let's see what the new SF600 is all about.
Corsair RM750x 750W Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   August 15, 2018
Corsair has been bumping up its street cred lately with PSU designs that are up to HardOCP standards. Today we have its latest 2018 version of the RM series PSU rated at 750 watts. It features Gold efficiency, a fully modular design, has a 10 year warranty, and carries with it a fully modular design, all for the price of $110.
Corsair AX1600i 1600W Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   July 17, 2018
1600 watts is a lot of computer power supply to shoehorning into one small box. We have seen this attempted many times, and many times companies have fallen short. Corsair's new flagship AX1600i claims to be the world's best PSU that has gotten even better. We will be the judge of that and judgement has been passed.
Corsair TX750M 750W Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   May 29, 2018
The semi-modular Corsair TX750M claims to be the perfect PSU for high heat case environments as it is rated for continuous output at 50C. We will test it in the hotbox up to 45C, as that is torture enough. Does it deliver Gold rated efficiency and great power inside the incubator?
Corsair HX1000 1000W Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   January 23, 2018
The Corsair HX1000 computer power supply is, you guessed it, rated for 1000 huge watts of power delivery to your enthusiast system build. All of this comes in rated at extremely high efficiency, while being fully modular, all Japanese capacitors, and boasting "extremely tight voltage regulation." Let's put all that to the test.
Corsair SF600 600W SFX Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   June 22, 2016
Corsair has gotten into making computers smaller lately with its Bulldog 4K Living Room Gaming System, and now it is going to share its SF600 power supply that follows the SFX standard form factor, which is tiny for a 600 watt PSU. Given its diminutive stature, has Corsair packed it to the gills with good power?
Corsair AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   May 06, 2015
It is not every day that a company has the moxie to come out and say that it makes "the best" of anything, but that is exactly what Corsair is saying about its AX1500i computer power supply; "The best enthusiast power supply you can own." Of course that begs one question, "Is it, or isn't it the best enthusiast PSU you can own?" We answer that.
Corsair CX750 750W Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   January 21, 2015
The Corsair CX750 is, "An ideal choice for value-conscious system builders and upgraders." So when saving a few bucks and buying a Corsair Bronze rated power supply do you still get a PSU that can deliver clean power under load? We are hoping that fewer bells and whistles does not equate to less quality in the wattage department.
Corsair HX1000i 1000W Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   October 20, 2014
Corsair's HX series represents its "second tier" line of enthusiast computer power supplies, but its new HX1000i does take the top spot when it comes to its ~1000 watt power supplies that are Platinum certified and fully modular. Let's see if this latest addition from Corsair represents its quality pedigree of days gone by.
Corsair CS550M 550W Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   January 15, 2014
Corsair is famous among computer hardware enthusiasts for its power supplies. Today we have what is considered a low range PSU for most of us, but the CS550M boasts some upper end features such as its semi-modular design and gold level efficiency. Corsair also says this PSU is very quiet so it might be right at home in HTPC boxes.
Corsair RM750 750W Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   November 13, 2013
We have all read about Corsair power supplies and it is quite likely that many [H]'ers have one in their computer case right now. Today we are looking at Corsair's newest RM series power supply rated at 750 watts. The RM is built, "fully modular and optimized for silence and high efficiency." Let's see how it handles our grueling power tests.
Corsair AX1200i Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   October 15, 2012
Corsair has a refresh today that talks to its high end line of high power PSUs. The AX1200i comes in touting "platinum" efficiency and "an unprecedented level of monitoring and performance customization." How does the AX1200i perform out-of-the-box and does it actually bring value at its huge price?
Corsair HX850 Gold Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   August 22, 2012
Corsair, a brand we have come to trust when powering our enthusiast desktop PC systems, brings to us an 850 watt power supply unit that touts quiet operation, a modular configuration, and "gold" rated power efficiency. How does the new Corsair HX850 fit into Corsair's current power supply lineup?
Corsair Enthusiast Series Modular Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   February 07, 2012
Are you a "hardcore PC gamer?" A "Performance Enthusiast?" Or "Anybody who appreciates a combination of high performance standards and affordability?" Corsair Enthusiast Series power supplies in 550 watt and 750 watt are reviewed today and we will tell you whether or not we see those as enthusiast PSUs.
Corsair HX1050 1050 Watt Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   November 30, 2011
Professional Series power comes to us this time from Corsair in the form of its new HX1050. It is boasting over 1 kilowatt of solidly efficient power for the computer hardware enthusiast with a semi-modular cable system. We will see if this PSU is fit for enthusiasts and if it lives up to its efficiency statement.
Corsair Enthusiast Series TX850 V2 PSU Review
By Paul Johnson   August 29, 2011
70 amps of power, tight voltage regulation, low ripple and noise, thermally controlled fan speed, all topped off with 80 Plus Bronze efficiency. All of this in a "value-oriented" power supply from Corsair, or least that is what Corsair is telling us. We put it to the test and find out if "value-oriented" is where you want to invest your hard earned PSU budget.
Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 PSU Review
By Paul Johnson   April 27, 2011
Corsair is clearly defining the market for its new "Enthusiast Series" 750 watt power supply. Now that we know who it is for, surely we know what to expect from it right? Corsair has climbed to the top with a few other brands in a short period of time, let's see if "enthusiast" means the same thing to Corsair as it does to us.
Corsair AX850 850W Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   October 07, 2010
Corsair has quickly become one of the computer hardware enthusiast's favorite power supply brands by building and designing some of what have become the best PSUs in the world. Does the new 850 watt AX850 stand up to the already high bar set by Corsair?
Corsair AX1200 1200W Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   June 21, 2010
Corsair has built a tremendously solid brand in the computer power supply market over the last couple of years. Today it steps into a new realm, that being the 1200 watt market. Making great PSUs gets harder as the power scales. Let's see if Corsair can ride the winds once again and pull off a bigger-than-a-kilowatt win.
Corsair TX950W 950 Watt Power Supply Review
By Paul Johnson   December 01, 2009
Corsair's cannons are blazing with its 950 watt TX series PSU that claims to sustain a full 950 watt load at 50آ°C and up 85% energy efficiency under "real-world" load conditions. We put the TX through our normal gamut of higher-than-industry standard tests and tell you if our TX sinks to the bottom or stays proudly afloat.
Corsair HX850W Power Supply
By Paul Johnson   May 27, 2009
Another week and another company coming in trying to show authority in what is probably the hardest PSU segment to hit a home run in; the 850 watt computer power supply. One has performed great, a few have done OK; where does Corsair fit into the mix?
Corsair TX850W Power Supply
By Paul Johnson   December 19, 2008
Corsair reaches out to grab the part of the power supply market that could easily be thought of as the enthusiast "sweet spot." 600 watts too little...1000 watts too much....ah, 850 watts, just right. Can Goldilocks stand up to [H] PSU testing?
Corsair HX1000W PSU Review
By Paul Johnson   April 21, 2008
Corsair has quickly become a mainstay among enthusiast PSUs. Today it breaks new ground by joining the 1 kilowatt club. Doing 1000w is easier said than done and doing it well is tough. Is the HX1000W worth your consideration?