Overkill's The Walking Dead Pulled From Steam

Posted by alphaatlas 8:32 AM (CST)

Thursday February 28, 2019

Today, various media outlets reported that Overkill's The Walking Dead has been pulled from Steam. In a press release, Starbreeze says The Walking Dead's IP owner filed a "license related complaint," and claim that they're "in discussions about the agreement and Starbreeze is trying to resolve the issue to find an amicable solution with the ambition to finish and deliver season 2 of the game." However, Forbes claims that the Walking Dead creators pulled the game because it didn't meet their quality standards. Starbreeze filed for "reconstruction" (which appears to be a euphemism for bankruptcy) in December last year, and pulling one of their big releases from Steam certainly won't help their financial situation.

"Our creators and their stories are the core of Skybound, and since 2014 we have worked hard to expand the world of 'The Walking Dead' into an exceptional co-op action FPS," Skybound said in a statement. "We did our best to work with Starbreeze and resolve many issues that we saw with the game, but ultimately 'Overkill's The Walking Dead' did not meet our standards nor is it the quality that we were promised."