Amazon Could Be Reconsidering Its NYC Headquarters Site Due to Local Opposition

Posted by Megalith 10:15 AM (CST)

Sunday February 10, 2019

Amazon’s new headquarters in New York seemed like a done deal, but local protests have reportedly convinced executives to look elsewhere. The company announced it would be building in the Long Island City neighborhood of NYC in November, and ever since then, residents have complained Amazon would "take over the Queens neighborhood, drive up prices, and push out existing residents." More recent reports suggest executives have "no intention to back out of the plans" but remain "frustrated" with the opposition.

The state's agreement with Amazon guaranteed $27 billion in revenue for New York with $3 billion returned to Amazon in tax credits, [New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo said. He called the deal the largest economic development project signed in the state's history. "There is no business that brings 25,000 jobs anymore. They don't exist. I spend days trying to bring a business that has 100 jobs or 200 jobs," he said. "Every project has local opposition. ... People just oppose change."