EA "Respawns": Company Up 16% as Apex Legends Reverses Entire Loss

Posted by Megalith 4:45 PM (CST)

Saturday February 09, 2019

A truck loaded with hookers and blow may be headed to Respawn Entertainment, as the Titanfall dev’s latest effort, Apex Legends, has exceeded the industry’s wildest predictions, gaining an insane 10 million players in 72 hours, besting Fortnite’s record. EA suffered a historical drop after admitting its revenue miss of $1.61 billion earlier this week, but the publisher is back on its feet and trading at over $96 all thanks to Respawn’s Battle Royale title. Amusingly, Respawn revealed EA ""had no hand" in Apex Legends’ development; the publisher was supposedly too afraid to even pre-announce the title.

Not to be throwing EA under the bus, but this wasn’t the game they were expecting. I had to go to executives and show it to them and explain it and...not convince but more "Hey, trust us! This is the thing you want out of us." As a corporation, they can only quantify based on past data and they’ve never done anything like this before. There’s a giant rainbow question mark over revenue projections for this game. They’re like "We don’t know! We can’t predict." This is a game we had to say "This is what we want to do. Help us get there." They had no hand in development or anything about this game.