Ring Reportedly Gave Employees Access to Customer Video Feeds

Posted by Megalith 3:55 PM (CST)

Saturday January 12, 2019

Privacy-minded consumers who are seeking a security camera may want to avoid Ring: a recent report by The Intercept alleges the company’s employees have unlimited access to all video captured by Ring devices, which include video doorbells and stickup cams. A spokesperson claims otherwise, in that only publicly shared content is viewed for the purpose of improving the service.

The Information described how in 2016, the company granted inexperienced engineers in its Ukraine offices access to a database that contained Ring customers' video histories. Sources also told The Intercept that executives and engineers in the US were allowed access to live feeds of customers' cameras. They also described how Ring engineers would check out their coworkers' cameras and tease them when they saw them bringing dates home or show videos to other employees when they saw something of interest.