Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is Scheduled for February 20

Posted by alphaatlas 8:46 AM (CST)

Friday January 11, 2019

Celebrating "10 years of Galaxy innovation," Samsung says they will "unveil new devices that promise to usher in new Galaxy experiences" on February 20th. Other than that, Samsung hasn't officially confirmed any details, but they sure aren't subtle about dropping hints. Samsung loudly announced the "Infinity Flex" flex smartphone display last November, and a press release on the Galaxy lineup's history posted immediately after the announcement specifically mentions the Infinity Flex Display as technology that will "shape the next 10 years." They've also been talking up 5G quite a bit recently, and previous rumors from the Wall Street Journal Suggest the next Galaxy will indeed ship with 5G. Thanks to cageymaru for the tip. Check out the teaser below:

At the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference, Samsung unveiled the Infinity Flex Display, marking the beginning of the era of foldable smartphones. It also introduced its new interface that simplifies and streamlines the user experience and gives consumers a more natural way to use their phones. Samsung isn't just changing how smartphones will look. It's also changing how they'll connect. We're working hard to usher in the next generation of connectivity with 5G. Samsung has more 5G patents than any other company and was the first company to receive FCC approval for its 5G network equipment. Our technology brought 5G networking to South Korea, and in partnership with U.S. carriers, we've already brought the first wave of 5G to the United States. We're committed to putting 5G in consumers' hands with a 5G smartphone in the first half of 2019.