Wi-Charge Uses Invisible Infrared Beams to Charge Devices

Posted by cageymaru 7:31 PM (CST)

Thursday January 10, 2019

Wi-Charge is a wireless system for charging phones, smart locks, wireless security cameras, IoT devices and more. Wi-Charge uses invisible, infrared light beamed from a transmitter located on a high location such as a ceiling. The room filling infrared light emitted from the transmitter allows devices with the receiver plugged into them to charge automatically. This is similar to how a solar powered device would work. The company has developed a wireless kit for Amazon Echo and Google Home Mini smart speakers.

"Wi-Charge is collaborating with innovators in the smart home security and automation ecosystem industries to enable the next generation of smart home devices," said Yuval Boger, CMO, Wi-Charge. "Untethered, wireless power will usher in a new era of devices and use cases for consumers that have previously been limited or restricted by power cables and batteries."