Man Gets 10 Year Prison Sentence for Launching Cyberattacks Against Hospitals

Posted by cageymaru 6:10 PM (CST)

Thursday January 10, 2019

A computer engineer was sentenced to 121 months in prison after launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against a children's hospital and a residential treatment facility. The hacker was protesting a custody battle involving a teenage patient receiving treatments at the facilities. Martin Gottesfeld was found guilty of conspiracy to damage protected computers in August, but the 34 year old was unrepentant during his sentencing . "I wish I could have done more," he said. The teenage patient was the focus of a social media movement against the government in a custody case. The activist group Anonymous got help from Gottesfeld to DDoS hospitals and deny internet services used to treat patients. Gottesfeld tried to escape a federal investigation by fleeing the USA, but his powerboat had mechanical issues near the coast of Cuba.

"Make no mistake, your crime was contemptible, invidious and loathsome," Gorton said. Assistant U.S. Attorney David D'Addio called Gottesfeld a "self-aggrandizing menace" whose cyberattacks put children's lives at risk and who could strike again once released from prison. "It is terrifying to contemplate what he will do with the next cause he adopts," D'Addio said.