Twitch Drinking Stunt Turns into 7 Day Ban

Posted by cageymaru 2:48 PM (CST)

Wednesday January 09, 2019

Twitch personality and professional Smash player Joseph "Mango" Marquez has been issued a 7 day ban from Twitch for "violating the community guidelines by displaying "dangerous consumption of drugs or alcohol" on stream." In the video clip that got the Twitch streamer banned, C9 Mango is seen holding an alcoholic beverage as he "passes out" by falling out of his chair and onto the floor. It is obviously staged as he holds the bottle up as he falls to keep it from spilling. Twitch administrators didn't find this funny and banned his channel for 7 days. Needless to say, Mr. Marquez is having fun with his audience on Twitter.

Last tweet about this ( for now ). For the record.. I didn't pass out on stream.. I jokingly fell over to be funny because I wanted to take a break.. Went downstairs to talk to my gf and came back and ended my stream. Drank a lot I knowwwwwww