Demo Available For Solar Warden

Posted by rgmekanic 3:43 PM (CDT)

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Solar Warden, the space combat game from Star Citizens ex-lead technical designer, has released a demo today according to a report from DSOGaming. Solar Warden has a kickstarter campaign currently going, with $26k of the $40k goal raised, and is a Six-Degrees-of-Freedom space combat game, fused with a Real-Time Strategy in a hybrid of sorts and features newtonian flight physics.

Looks pretty interesting, and there is already more to do than in Star Citzen . You can grab the 624MB demo from IndieDB if you're interested in some space combat before it becomes a real thing.

This demo will allow players to take control of the Solar Warden fleet defending planet Earth against a short number of incoming waves of meteors filled with the hostile space based aliens - the Silicoid.