Tesla Recalls 53,000 Vehicles over Parking Brakes

Posted by Bees 1:29 PM (CDT)

Thursday April 20, 2017

A safety update notice has been posted on Tesla’s company website today, acknowledging a manufacturing problem with the electronic parking breaks used in Model S and Model X vehicles. Even with an expected total recall of 53,000 vehicles globally, it should be noted the recall is precautionary.

We do not believe this issue could ever lead to a safety concern for our customers, and we have not seen a single accident or injury relating to it. However, in order to be overly cautious, we are going to be proactively replacing these parts to ensure that no issues arise.

Tesla is placing the blame on their third-party supplier, recognizing a potential gear fault in the brakes. Owners of the affected vehicles will be receiving service warnings in the future via email. The replacement procedure should entail a simple visit to the local Tesla Service Center, only creating a short errand during a vehicle owner’s day. More information can be found in the release.