Twitch to Sell Games to Support Streamers This Spring

Posted by cageymaru 11:48 AM (CST)

Monday February 27, 2017

Twitch has partnered with various video game publishers to sell games directly through the Twitch streaming service. For example your account through Ubisoft's UPLAY can be linked to your Twitch account. If your favorite streamer is streaming a Ubisoft game, then there will be a buy option at the top of the broadcast. The streamer would get 5% commission of the sale and the game would be added to the viewer's account automatically. No keys would be generated to keep abuse low.

What do you think? I've used Twitch since it's inception and I've seen them have account issues before. I remember when all the biggest streamers got hacked and more salacious content was streamed on their accounts in an attempt to get them banned from the service. Since then Twitch has regularly upgraded their service and all of these issues seem to have gone away. Amazon allows it's Amazon Prime users to link their Twitch to it for free games, DLC, discounts, unique Twitch only in game items, free subscriptions, etc.

I think it is masterful to place a purchase button on game streams as they happen in real time. I have to admit that some of the streamers are talented entertainers and it's a lot easier to hit the "Buy" button when you're in an euphoric mood from watching a twenty kill streak unfold, or world record Mario run. I can also see a lot of charge backs on credit cards as there are a ton of children that watch streams as it is the "TV" for the gamer culture. I wonder if the games will go on sale from time to time as the Steam Sale has become a part of our gamer culture. Without early buyer discounts and sales, this could die really fast.

It's worth noting that Riot and Valve are not included on this list, whose gamesآ—League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensiveآ—are among the most viewed on the streaming service. Whether or not this changes down the line remains to be seen.

Twitch's vice president of commerce Matt McCloskey adds: "Many of our streamers want to make a living doing what they love. To help them, we're enabling game developers to sell game content at the exact time and place their communities are gathered to watch, which in turn lets streamers earn money from games sold on their channels. To ensure everyone benefits, we're also rewarding fans that take part in the program with Twitch Crates."