Lawsuits Suck for

Posted by Kyle 3:53 PM (CST)

Wednesday January 11, 2017

Boy, I know what it feels like to put together a solid stories based on facts only to be awarded with a $20M lawsuit on reporting the truth. So were the days of the Phantom Console. (Behind the Infinium Phantom Console & Inside the Infinium Labs Phantom Console) Of course kicking their ass feels good too. That all said, our brothers over at, which is a site I read often, are now the focus of a $15M lawsuit for "mocking" the guy that says he invented email.

In the new lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Boston, Ayyadurai claims that a series of posts on TechDirt amount to libel - in part because the posts call Ayyadurai a "fake email inventor" and a "fraudster" and calls his claims to have invented the technology "bogus."

One thing I have learned, if you are going to call bullshit on something in a factual way, you had best have evidence close at hand. Now opinions are a totally different thing. The bad thing about this is, even if you are correct and well within your rights, the guy with the biggest wallet often wins.

Whether or not you agree with us on our opinions about various things, I hope that you can recognize the importance of what's at stake here. Our First Amendment is designed to enable a free and open press آ— a press that can investigate and dig, a press that can challenge and expose. And if prominent individuals can make use of a crippling legal process to silence that effort, or even to create chilling effects among others, we become a weaker nation and a weaker people because of it.

If freedom of expression and the press is to actually mean something, it needs to be protected, not stomped on with baseless lawsuits that silence independent voices and opinions.

For what it is worth, we never sued Tim Roberts for his public statements about us.

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