Intel Xeon Phi x200 Knight’s Landing x86 Compatibility Test

Posted by Megalith 3:47 PM (CST)

Saturday December 10, 2016

Okay, so nobody is going to run Windows regularly on these 64-core beasts, but it’s cool to see that Intel’s claim of Knight’s Landing being capable of running legacy x86 code with little fuss was true. Thanks to Patriot for the link.

The run did not utilize any of the KNL features that give the platform its true power such as AVX512. That testing is coming. We did validate one of the major selling points of KNL. Code made to run on other Intel x86 architectures will work without modification on the new Intel Xeon Phi x200 (KNL) generation. The impact of this is enormous and is a key reason we saw so many KNL supercomputer system wins at SC16 this year. Applications can access a highly parallelized architecture without needing a co-processor. The Intel Xeon Phi x200 has direct access to the hex-channel system RAM as well as 16GB of high-bandwidth/ low latency MCDRAM without a performance penalty from traversing the PCIe bus.