Robot Stacks 1,000 Bricks An Hour

Posted by HardOCP News 9:25 AM (CDT)

Friday July 29, 2016

I don't know why you need a robot that can build a house in two days. The robots of the future will just murder us and take our homes so there's no real need for a murderbot that can stack bricks and build houses.

A new automated, truck-mounted robot can build a house in two days, moving four times faster than human construction workers. Hadrian X by the Australian company Fastbrick Robotics Limited can reportedly lay as many as 1,000 bricks per hour and, because robots don’t need lunch breaks, Hadrian X can work around the clock. The company’s impressive prototype demonstrated its abilities on a small-scale build inside a warehouse, which you can see in a time-lapse video after the jump.