Super-Hard Metal "Four Times Tougher Than Titanium" Created

Posted by Megalith 9:34 AM (CDT)

Sunday July 24, 2016

Are we getting any closer to figuring out how to make adamantium? A university team has discovered how to make a material that is much stronger than pure titanium and compatible with living tissues.

Prof Emilia Morosan, of Rice University, Houston, said her team had made the discovery while working on unconventional magnets made from titanium and gold. The new materials needed to be made into powders to check their purity, but beta-Ti3Au, as it is known, was too tough to be ground in a diamond-coated mortar and pestle. The material "showed the highest hardness of all Ti-Au [titanium-gold] alloys and compounds, but also compared to many other engineering alloys", said Prof Morosan. She said the hardness of the substance, together with its higher biocompatibility, made it a "next generation compound for substantively extending the lifetime of dental implants and replacement joints".