Facebook Released More Diversity Stats

Posted by HardOCP News 5:05 PM (CDT)

Thursday July 14, 2016

Facebook has released another diversity report. Although the company feels it is moving in the right direction (for instance, the company now includes LGBT data) the numbers aren't much better than they were last time the company released stats.

It has become clear that at the most fundamental level, appropriate representation in technology or any other industry will depend upon more people having the opportunity to gain necessary skills through the public education system. Currently, only 1 in 4 US high schools teach computer science. In 2015, seven states had fewer than 10 girls take the Advanced Placement Computer Science exam and no girls took the exam in three states. No Black people took the exam in nine states including Mississippi where about 50% of high school graduates are Black, and 18 states had fewer than 10 Hispanics take the exam with another five states having no Hispanic AP Computer Science (CS) test takers. This has to change.