Crucial MX300 SSD Review

Posted by HardOCP News 9:59 AM (CDT)

Tuesday June 14, 2016

The crew at PC Perspective have the 3D NAND-equipped Crucial MX300 SSD in house for a little review action today. If you are looking for a large solid state drive with good overall performance at a decent price, PCPer says this could be the drive for you.

Marketed under Micron's consumer brand Crucial, the MX300 is their first entrant into the consumer space, as well as the first consumer SSD sporting IMFT 3D NAND. Crucial is known for their budget-minded SSDs, and for the MX300 they chose to go with the best cost/GB they could manage with what they had to work with. That meant putting this new 3D NAND into TLC mode. Now there are many TLC haters out there, but remember this is 3D NAND. Samsung's 850 EVO can exceed 500 MB/sec writes to TLC at its 500GB capacity point, and this MX300 is a product that is launching with *only* a 750GB capacity, so its TLC speed should be at least reasonable.