Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset Review

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Friday , October 26, 2018

Audeze is a well known name in the headphone world, and it recently used crowdfunding to fund its first foray into the world of gaming headsets. We are reviewing the Mobius headset that promises us that it is more than a headphone, "it's an experience." For $400 we want to know exactly what kind of experience it gives us when it comes to gameplay.

Audeze Mobius Build and Features

Out of the box, the Mobius feels very well built. I am not sure it feels like it's $400 well built, but these do not come across as cheap. No creaks or squeaks were noticed and these felt good in our hands. The ergonomics in terms of wear are quite good. There are no sharp edges that you will come into contact with.

The Mobius ear cups do lay flat so you can leave these around your neck and be comfortable. The Mobius ear cups also have enough swivel on both axis to sit over your ears comfortably.

The inside of the headband looks a bit anemic in terms of padding, but the headband itself is very well built. The spring steel inside the headband (assuming that it is steel and not a polymer) is not extremely stiff so it allows the headband to twist and expand with ease.

The Mobius ear cups are very nicely done in a pleather covering. These do not seem easily replaceable from what we can tell. The ear cups are fairly deep as well. The covering over the planar driver is a thin piece of soft synthetic material.

You want buttons? Got you got it. You want dials? You got it. You want buttons on your dials? You got it. When you first get into how these controls work on the Mobius, you will likely be a bit put off. There seems to be a tremendous amount of things going on here, and actually there is. However, once you realize that some features are for USB connectivity, and some features are for Bluetooth connectivity, it gets to be a bit simpler. But yes, there is a learning curve, but it is not as steep as it might seem at first.

Thankfully, Audeze gives us a nice cheat sheet that we can use. Yes, we used it. Having it sitting in front of you for the first day or two will likely address the learning curve with the Mobius controls. I could write an entire page about the controls alone and what those do, but we are going to leave you with the cheat sheet instead of diving into the controls' minutia. The two most important things you will likely want to know is how to toggle through the 3D modes, the 7.1, 2 channel, and HiRes modes.

As you might expect the 3D button will toggle you through 3D modes that are powered by the Waves Nx engine. The other important "button" here is the mic scroll wheel. Pushing and holding it will toggle you through the surround sound (also Waves Nx technology) settings. However, you will want to be aware that toggling all the way through back to 7.1 will turn the 3D modes back on even if you had these off.

The two buttons that will be used most are on the outside of the left ear cup. The mic mute button is up top, and the power button is on the bottom. We will address overall control usage in our conclusions.