Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition Gaming Chair Review

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Friday , May 19, 2017

What happens when you rope yourself in to doing a gaming chair review? You take your time, do it right, and make sure your butt spends at least a few months in the chair before you write your review. My butt has been in the VertaGear Triigger 350 Gaming Chair for over 3 months, and here are my thoughts.

Triigger 350 Usage

I have been using the Triigger 350 Special Edition for a full three months now. The biggest issue I have with the chair is the fact that it is too small for me. I am 6 foot tall and weigh in between 230 and 240 pounds. The seat is about 2 inches too narrow for my liking. When I sit in it, my thighs are on the seat frame which is not extremely comfortable. If I sit with my knees together, I fit fine, but I am dude...and I like to man-spread so I have room for...other things.

In my daily usage, I tend to move around my office in my chair a lot. I am constantly between my hardware test bench and my personal workstation where I write, edit, post news, etc. That trip is about 7 feet. So my fat ass is rolling around a lot and this undoubtedly puts a lot of stress on the frame of the chair. I have started to get a slight bit of creaking lately that is coming from one of the seat-to-frame attachment points. I am fairly sure a quick shot of silicone lube would remedy this however. Outside of that one small complaint, the Triigger 350 feels as solid today as the day I put it together.

In the office that I use my chair in, I have AC5 rated laminate flooring laid down. I installed this commercial flooring for its durability. It is basically the same materials you might find in a local retail store which is specified for high traffic. The hubless Vertagear casters have yet to leave a mark. The casters are somewhat soft, so these are "quiet" as well and do not have near the sound a hard caster would, so that is certainly a nice feature. In these three months, the casters are not showing any signs of wear either. One thing about these soft casters is that these tend to "grab" a bit more when moving due to the caster composition. But these hubless casters also have two points of contact to the floor on each caster, again this makes these a bit more "grabby." I mention this because I have had to retrain myself on rolling back and forth across the office. Not a big deal, but something worth mentioning. After three month however, my directional skills in the Triigger 350 have gotten much better, but the Triigger is still a bit difficult to cut a straight line in.

While I thought the trigger controls were a gimmick at first, I have come to love these. You want to lock or unlock the back, BOOM! I mean click the trigger and it's done. Need to adjust height, click, it's done. All at your fingertips. Who needs those horrible first world problems with having to reach down, right?

The armrest height is good, but I wish they went a bit lower for my long gorilla arms. The armrest surface material is good when it comes to comfort, but it is not great. These have certainly been designed with durability in mind, and I can understand that.

From a function standpoint, the Triigger 350 has probably been one of the best chairs I have ever used and it's not uncommon for it to see a sitting for as long as 18 hours.

HardOCP Reader Concerns

As mentioned back in the introduction, I went through the original chair thread and mined it for questions and concerns our readers had. So what follows here are answers to those questions. I am sure I will not get to those all, but I am going to give it a shot.

The Triigger 350 does not trap farts at all considering its mesh seat construction.

Being this chair is mesh, it does not truly conform to one's ass cheeks. It is more of a hammock type situation.

I have had no issues with the controls malfunctioning except once I had to trigger twice instead of once, and I am not sure that was not my fault in having not learned the controls well enough yet.

The Triigger does not trap sweat anywhere...again mesh. These types of chairs breath and keep you cool at all times. This may or may not be a quality you like. I think the leather corners on the seat not showing any staining or wear are a testament to this.

Sniff test....Again....mesh. Nothing left around to smell.

The gaslift cylinder is extremely strong. It is a "class 4." I tried looking around for a comparison chart as to lesser Class 2 and 3 gaslifts, but got tired of looking and said screw it. It is getting late and I have to be on a plane in the morning.

I think the back in this chair is the best I have ever used. I have herniated disks at L4 and L5, and I have felt better over the last 3 months while using this chair. I just wish the seat was wider.

No cats or dogs here, sorry.

Does it roll well on carpet? No. Nothing rolls "well" on carpet. Ever heard of friction? That said, I actually took it into the living room and rolled around on the carpet....but not well.

The chair does transition well from carpet, to chair mat, to floor, etc. The casters as mentioned above are somewhat soft so it makes rolling over thresholds and such fairly easy. And without making a bunch of noise as well.

The Triigger 350 chair stability is the best I have ever seen in a office/gaming chair. I never once felt like it was going to dump me out. Since I was writing about this, I tried leaning as far as I could in every direction and ain't flipping over easily. Even jumping into it while sitting down I get no feeling of tipping.

Rocking side to side I get a few millimeters of movement, but it is not a loose feeling. It is simply the frame flexing under my 240lbs. The structure of the Triigger 350 still feels as tight today as it did when I got it. As mentioned, it would probably behoove me to get out the included allen wrench and tighten things up.

This chair is extremely quiet. As mentioned, I get a couple of creeks wheeling across the office now, but I am sure this could be addressed. While just sitting here and moving around at my desk, the chair is "silent" with movement.

The spring mechanism when leaning fully back, and then back up is silent. If you really get crazy with it, you can make the springs give a popping sound.

The armrests on the chair are extremely solid. I can do "dips" on these fully lifting myself out of the seat. Hardly any movement at all. That was pretty impressive. There is a bit of noise, creaking, when putting weight and movement on the armrests, but I never noticed it till right now while I was looking for it.

Back locked sitting up, swinging my ass back and froth, I feel zero frame give in this chair.

"Grapple prone points that grab headphone cables?" Now I don't use headphones. But sitting here looking at the chair, I would suggest that there are not any real points to snag headphone cables on. This is mostly due to the trigger controls. And now that I think about it, maybe that is another design element behind the trigger controls. Besides the armrests, the only thing that extends away form the chair is the tilt tension control crank, and it seems to be recessed enough to not be an issue. It is still fully under the seat edge.

Mesh chair....does not get warm.

As noted previously, the frame of the seat does dig into my thighs, but even then this chair is far from "bad." At the front of the chair, there is about 14.5 to 15 inches of mesh and leather between the frame rails to hold you in its "hammock."

No cup holder....but that would hang your headphone cables.

Being this is a mesh chair, it should be remarkably easy to clean. Now if you spill chili on the leather, well, your mileage may vary. But it worth noting here that Vertagear moved those leather accents out of the way of "high traffic areas."

Back support is excellent.

Neck support? The headrest is actually nice and it is very adjustable as well. If you like reclining back in your chair I would highly suggest the headrest. It is very comfortable too.

I have sat in this chair for 18 hours.

I am unsure on weight limit of the Triigger 350 but I asked about 250lbs and they said it would not be an issue.

The Triigger 350 SE has a limited warranty of 10 years. I have no idea what that actually covers.

Once the chair is locked in a reclining position, it has about an inch of "give" when you lean back on it before it stops of the lock.

As for pressure points on the seating area, it is hard for me to comment on this since the seat is too small for me.

I have not detected any sag in the mesh over time.

The Bottom Line

The Vertagear Triigger 350 Special Edition gaming chair is probably the best built chair I have ever had in my lifetime. And this is far from the first high end chair I have owned. That however does not remedy the fact that the seat is physically too narrow for my frame. I have used mesh chairs for about 15 years now and have found the Triigger to be up there with the best of them in terms of build quality. I did point out the slight mesh creasing/wrinkling issue that was occurring on the front of the chair. I think some of this has to do with how the mesh moves up the contour of the front of the chair and I am still waiting for an answer from Vertagear on this. This may concern you, and it may not, as it is simply an aesthetic issue. I love the adjustable lumbar support and it has done my back good. I would venture to say that it has been the best chair I have ever had in terms of back support.

If you have not used a mesh chair, the overall feel and comfort may not be to your liking. Mesh chairs do not provide that "cushy" feel that you get with padded chairs, but you get the benefits of truly breathable surface that does not trap heat and keeps you cool. Mesh chairs are surely more of a hammock-like experience.

The Triigger 350's fit and finish, material selection, and design are excellent. The hubless casters are bit too "grippy" for my liking, but they make things extremely silent and have yet to leave a mark on my flooring. The Triigger 350 SE is $900 with the optional headrest and and Prime Shipping. Certainly this is a lot of money, but chairs are a lot like beds, I have learned not to cheap out on these things as buying quality and comfort will pay off in the end. If the seat were 2 inches wider, I would have no issues making this my daily driver.